The problem:

The Hendricks County Government was facing a dramatic 11.4% increase in healthcare costs. They had to find a solution without compromising the quality of care that their more than 400 county employees were receiving.

The solution:

The Hendricks County Council and Commissioners, along with insurance consultant H.J. Spier Company, Inc., partnered with Hendricks Regional Health to stave off this budget challenge. Together, we implemented a health clinic where government employees receive care with a reduction in time off from work, and participate in a range of wellness and prevention programs. It was truly a collaborative effort between three organizations committed to the community.

Financial results:

Instead of the 11.4% increase they were expecting, the Hendricks County Government saw a negligible 0.75% average annual increase in healthcare costs since 2010 — translating into a projected savings of more than $2 million.

Healthcare results:

Visits to offsite primary care physicians have gone down by 36% due to an increase in health clinic visits. Brand prescriptions have decreased by 39% in favor of generics. And preventative care has spiked an average of 36% — showing that employees are taking control of their own health like never before.

The lesson:

Collaborative partnerships, in which resources are shared and maximized, can lead to substantial benefits – both financial and in the health of employees.

“We saved the taxpayers money while providing high quality healthcare.” – Hendricks County Government Council and Commissioners

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