Hendricks Regional Health At Work collaborates with schools across Hendricks and Putnam Counties to create innovative wellness solutions focused on improving the health and well-being of students and employees. From supporting and educating school nurses to providing affordable healthcare for employees, we are proud of our unique healthcare partnerships that help our schools and community succeed.

Programs & Initiatives

Certified Athletic Trainers

Our certified athletic trainers are equipped to provide student athletes with a variety of services: care during practices and games, assessment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, and development of programs to reduce the risk of injury. While only 37 percent of public high schools across the nation employ a full-time athletic trainer, our local partnerships ensure 100 percent of the public high schools in Hendricks and Putnam Counties have access to athletic trainers.

Sports Medicine Physicians

Hendricks Regional Health sports medicine physicians are on site regularly at partner schools to offer expert assessment of a wide range of sports-related injuries, as well as regular screenings such as school physicals. They work closely with our athletic trainers, physical therapists and orthopedic specialists to create a personalized treatment plan for safe return to play.

At Brownsburg High School, Dr. Fean visits the training room once a week to advise athletic trainers and care for student athletes. Learn more about our sports medicine school partnerships and current partners.

School Nursing Employee Support

Today’s school nursing professionals serve as Chief Medical Officers within the school, caring for children with a wide variety of chronic and acute medical concerns and promoting the well-being of students.

Hendricks At Work partners with school nursing programs to help manage and employ nursing staff and mitigate healthcare staff shortages. We also provide continuing professional development and education to keep nurses up-to-date on best practices, including mock simulation exercises to better prepare them for medical situations they may encounter.

Health & Wellness Education & Supplies

We provide a range of in-class educational aids and supplies to our partnering schools, such as high-tech simulated infants for child-care education, as well as ongoing health and wellness education for students and employees. At DePauw University, we also support the unique health needs of student musicians through educational workshops.

Facility Financial Sponsorships

Hendricks At Work has sponsored partner schools’ athletic fields, performing arts centers and more, helping school organizations afford facilities and programs that positively impact their community and help students succeed.

Healthcare Services for Employees

We offer a range of customizable wellness services to meet the unique needs of school employees and their dependents. From wellness programs and tiered network options, to near-site wellness centers and preventative screenings, learn more about our unique options aimed at helping to improve health and lower costs.

“When schools partner with us for their nursing care, we strive to manage all aspects of providing medical services within the school environment. This innovative program will ultimately lead to better outcomes.”

Jennifer Wright
Director of School Nursing, Hendricks Regional Health


“We have been a partner of Avon Schools for many years, and together, we continue to find opportunities to enhance our relationships to benefit both students and employees. By providing our clinical expertise in child health as well as experienced administrative nursing oversight, our schools can then focus on academic initiatives.”

Kevin P. Speer
Hendricks Regional Health President & CEO


To learn more about our School Partnership programs, call (317) 745-3532 or contact us today.