Featured in the IBJ: HRH Dangling 15-Percent Discounts

It’s a common practice among businesses — offer a sale to entice customers. Inboxes are filled with promotions every day, so seeing a 15% off sale isn’t out of the ordinary. What’s different about this sale? It’s not your favorite designer — it’s Hendricks Regional Health. That’s right. HRH recently offered employers 15% off their health-benefits spending if they added a health plan for their employees that is limited only to HRH facilities and physicians.

In his article, “Hendricks Regional Health Dangling 15-Percent Discounts,” J.K. Wall explains this revolutionary sales tactic. The narrow-network plan offered by Hendricks Regional Health could save individuals and employers millions of dollars.

Read the full article here and let us know what you think about this bold sales move.